Dabs Labs produces small batch, hand crafted extracts.





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High Quality Cannabis Concentrates

Small Batch. Hand Crafted Extracts. 

Extraction Services
DabsLabs specializes in fast and convenient processing at competitive prices for state Licensed medical and recreational cannabis companies. We take processing your product seriously and ensure utmost care is taken to not only maintain the terpene profiles, but also produce that high yield you expect from a processor. Every step in the manufacturing process of our own products is followed to produce the cleanest, and most flavorful product you expect. Whether you want Live resin, shatter, wax, budder, or sugar, we’ll provide you with the highest quality concentrate using your product.
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DabsLabs prides itself on producing high quality, clean, and flavorful concentrates. We may keep our products in the oven longer than most, but it’s essential to producing virtually solvent free concentrates. Our obsession, however, is with flavor. Finding the delicate balance between cook time and terpene capture is an art form and a science; it is our passion at DabsLabs to continuously hone in on the right balance to bring you the tastiest concentrate.
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